“Jill Sigman has a prodigious imagination and intelligence. She is also a fearless performer who does not hesitate to expose the painful truths within us all. And her new piece, ‘Rupture’ bursts with unruly, tumultuous life…”
--The New York Times

“Sigman is riveting—an elf with the rebelliousness of the ‘60s avant-garde, the piscine fluidity of a Tharp dancer, and the charisma and athleticism of today’s virtuosos…”
--The Village Voice

“Ms. Sigman moves like quicksilver and can shift un-self-consciously from boldness to giddiness to stark loneliness and back again in moments.”
--The New York Times

“Jill Sigman is a postmodern choreographer with a talent for building lucent and edgy site-specific works.”
--Time Out New York

“[Vision Begins] entertained, unsettled, and provoked thought and feelings—everything its brilliant creator intended.
--The Village Voice

“The pieces Jill Sigman has been making since 1998—quite a few of them site-specific—are designed to make you think. Her new Pulling the Wool: An American Landscape of Truth and Deception tackles grief over 9-11, the subsequent maze of disinformation, and the threat to individual freedoms. She’s not didactic. Trenchant ideas—witty or horrifying—are served up in an atmosphere not unlike that of a church bazaar.”
--The Village Voice

“As celebrity culture and flippant irresponsibility now fly in the face of harsh ethical and economic realities, Sigman’s timely ZsaZsaLand illustrates how easily we inhabit the pop wonderland we’ve been creating for decades.”
--The Brooklyn Rail

“When I’m up at 3am washing eggshells in my bathtub, I’m like, Why am I doing this? What was I thinking? But everyone I know saves eggshells for me. I get bags left in random places. I’m like a drug dealer or something.”
--Time Out New York (Interview)

“[The audience participation] gave one a sense of intimacy with strangers, of familiarity with the anonymous. In the context of a dance work that illustrated the impersonal edge of military conflict…and the physical sensation of pain as Sigman slammed her body repeatedly against the back wall of the sanctuary, these small messages stood out like a tender reminder that we are not alone.
--Dance Insider

“Ms. Sigman is a smart, funny, dramatically resonant performer.”
--The New York Times